so this is to my 10 au. let me be judged fairly. oh i forget. it’s impossible

by livergirl

I don’t like (almost to the level of hate) my ntu tutor. Seriously. Okay I know adults always ignore younger adults, so I already expected that I would have to explain so many times for the exact same thing and yet he still asked. I also well prepared to be humiliated and to feel like next to nothing, “you worked here but you don’t know a lot of things.”

Yes I do realize those will happen.

But I just can’t stand the way he said about the company. I am well known that this is not the best company ever but I respect the people. I’m quite disturbed by the way he always said, “they should have known that,” with annoying gesture or “is that expensive? Should not be more expensive than xxx,” and, “so they’re only doing xxx?” and many more, such as insisting that we have to see the individual battery. Hello? It has been pre-assembled, duh. We explained it so many times. And who needs to see the individual battery? The pack is what everyone’s working on. ck.

With my precious 10 AUs in this person’s hand (since I can’t hope too much on my sup also) , I am certainly doomed. As always. Life’s not fair yea. Let’s just toast to it. cheers.