by livergirl

I was so bored and have nothing to do (I finished my work on Monday and my sup is super busy, and also everyone else in the lab), so I open this file attached from the school regarding the final year option and I end up choosing my subjects for next year (yea yea I know it’s still March but believe me, I really have nothing to do and I have to pretend to be doing something. Opening a pdf file and making notes makes a lot of sense to most people, without realizing what’s actually inside the pdf 😛 )

okay here we go:

EE4041 Human Resource Management
HW310 Professional Communication

EE4503 Power Engineering Design
EE4504 Clean Energy Systems

EE4475 Audio Signal Processing
EE4532 Power Electronics & Drivers
EE4533 Power Apparatus & System Protection
EE4534 Modern Distribution Systems with Renewable Resources
EE4904 Biomedical Instrumentation

I might go with 16 AUs for 1st sem and 8 AUs for the 2nd one. so it should be (4041+310+4503+4475+4532+4534) and (4504+4534+4904). and yeah, of course, my final year option is electrical.

i wonder if i can take another language module for stress-relieving, since I have exceeded AU requirements for UE…can I take German level 1? 😛 or will NTU offer other languages? Italian, Russian, Dutch, Irish, Welsh, Portuguese, Suomi, Svenska, anything? Inuit maybe will do also 😉


I finished my book already…wew. In this rate, I think I’ll be learning next year’s subject or borrow the OB book in the next few days -.-”

On top of this day, I think my supervisor was in a bad mood >.< there was a time when I almost say aloud: “Whoa, CHILL man!” hopefully things will get better tomorrow.

I’m tired.