the add/drop story

by livergirl

So I’ve officially dropped AAI180: Musical Practice I (Baroque & Classical). I just don’t think I can handle it, with all 3rd year modules. Then I was planning to take another ADM subject, but there’s none of them that matched both my interest and my timetable. Therefore I have to find another subject and that will be…..


Yea I’m back to like, 6-7 years ago when I was crazy about Spain, Spanish, Real Madrid, and Iker Casillas (well, okay,Ā I’m still quite a big fan of him).

I felt kinda like cheating when I declared that I’ve never learned Spanish before. But then, I think it was quite valid, cos it was so many years ago, and I even learned by myself, and nobody can tell whether I learned the right material or not šŸ˜›

And yea now I need my dictionary back home.


Still waiting for the EngSoc…really hope that my school will register it for me…