it’s a wonderful day

by livergirl

…as usual. Well I don’t think so at first, honestly. I’m tired of the project. I’m scared of the snake. I sometimes really fed up with the experiment which we have to do over and over again. I’m bored to the max. And I hate that my skin got tanned now because we often go out for the sake of the experiment.

But when I think about these days again, actually they had been marvellous. My project mates are simply fantastic. Really thankful that God in some ways, set me up with those guys. I’m thankful that the project can be done nicely. It’s not perfect, but it’s okay. We worked super hard, and we made quite a good progress. We had nice talks. We laughed a lot. We had a good time together, just like today, when we work half-day then went for buffet in Pioneer 😉

And don’t forget by the time I finish the project everyday, I have a nice single room to rest. A roof over my head. A private place. And fluffy pillows to make my sleep even more comfortable.

There’s my sunshine also, who’s always there through his short messages and all others. Most of them might be unimportant but they had succesfully brighten my days ^^


Stay thankful, be blessed to bless others.